Hachazo Beats

Hacha Session Report

At The Facker Rooftop

Featured on 21.09.2014

Hachazo Beats performed an entire LIVE session, creating dark atmosphere, live audio modelling, introducing breaks. Pure experimental techno.



A blank field, Matrix style, and a lot of utilities and gadgets as well as walls, ceilings, structures, paintings of many different colors. Here’s the HachazoBeats Base Set. Classic battery kits -such as Roland TR, MC-303, to give a couple of examples…-, and breaks -from jazz, soul to recordings he has collected over his career as a studio technician in his own studio T20Estudios– conform his drum lines, giving them a particular groove.

Here we can clearly see the influence of Hip Hop, gender he comes from and in which he has a wide discography, always experimenting with sounds and frequencies. From there, the adventure begins, once the walls and structure are raised and begins to paint, layers and layers of paint to be mixed in their infinite palette of sounds that will be carefully selecting from his collection for each set.

But not happy enough with this, after creating some elaborate harmonies and solid structures, he is capable of wrecking everything in front of you and build a whole new building reconfigured in the space of a tecnho rush, a point that reveals the influences of Rave culture in Barcelona in early 2000.

His music is often framed in a range of genres, where the boundaries of each are lost. These might include: hip hop, dubstep, dub, breakbeat, drum and bass, hardtack and hardtechno, always in an experimental setting.

In addition to produce, he has a seal [L3S Records] (www.l3srecords.com), and a study [T20 Studies], where he performs as sound technician and raper.


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