Format C: AV Set Report

At The Facker Rooftop

Featured on 07.09.2014

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FormatC with his spectacular audio visual set that uses mp4 to launch music and video, shows the most diversity of styles we’ve ever heard. Hiphop, Rock and Baseland are his secret weapons during his sets. Spectacle guaranteed.





FormatC has been collecting and DJing for over 10 years. His sets are eclectic and elegant in your suitcase can find a variety of styles. In summer 2011 a new project started with audiovisual, these are sessions where video and audio are mixed and all through two turntables and a mixer.

He has played at parties in Barcelona Sessions in SIDECAR also for Dobodob group in Xpressing UNDERGROUND and in venues such as TERMINAL B, ROOM, MODERN, SUBVERSALLES, GROOVE, THE VAQUERIA, LES golfes CLUB, OLD FACTORY DAMM, LA DAURADA BEACH CLUB, D-SIGUAL PARTIES, LES golfes TGN, PAMELA’S BEACH CLUB xiringuitos or as MAGMA or tHE THREE ZERO. He has also participated in festivals like TRANUITA, NOWA REGGAE FARADAY 2013 or in 2006 and 2008 editions or MS20 repeatedly.

Also collaborating with The Moves Group, accompanying them in different direct FAKTORIA such as in D’ARTS, LES BASES or STUDIO 54 (Leon) or participating in blogs and mixes with Neonized, A LITTLE BEAT, REBITED, ACID JAZZ HISPANIC, 4×4 HIPHOP, WAR4, DJ BLUEPRINT (Luxemburg) and radio as CLUB BLACK LABEL (Zaragoza), HIT ME! Soulnation (Barcelona), HIGHER CLUB ‘1977’ (Galicia), GlobalRadio Ibiza Sonica (Ibiza) or BROOKLYN RADIO (Nyc)

MS20 Organizer with Nikki Covent Garden and where artists have passed as Data, Ulterior, Featurecast, DJ Jekey, Chimo Bayo, Le Hammond Inferno, Dj2D2, Delorean, Virüs, Seine, Great cózmico puzzle, Yes Robot, A. Skillz, Kazey TM, The Amplid, Neonized dj’s, The Requesters, K ** O …


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