SuperChema Mixing&Drawings

SuperChema Session Report

At The Facker Rooftop

Featured on 05.10.2014

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SuperChema surprised us with a very different show, combining mixing excellent dance music with live drawing. Funk, Boogie, Soul and lots of groove. At the end, he gave all his drawings as a present to all the attendants.



One day, a 13yo boy was given a radio … from that day his love for music grown year after year, until he realized in 1998 he should start collecting music, for which is a very inportant part of his life. Years later, in 2006, Chema Jimenez Peral, nicknamed by Blai Marsé as SUPERCHEMA, appears in its first session in Vilanova (Barcelona). Now, several years later, he has lost count of the times he has played. He has specialized in black music, and aims to bring people the disco-funk, now that today’s music seems to be saturated and soiled. SuperChema, along with their particular Robin, George Dread, brings you «Music of Yesterday» to rejoice it today. Peace & Love!

Let’s get everybody into disco-funk, stop thinking disco is tacky! Down with those who created the DISCO SUCKS platform! Disco has good funk, groove, and is destined to be enjoyed on the dance floor! Superchema takes care of this and more with his mixtapes and sessions!



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